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By the 22nd century, Earth’s population has reached 14 billion. One crisis after another has left people, hopeless and hungry, on a resource-starved homeworld. After multiple failed attempts at planetary colonization of the Solar System, the United Civilizations launched the Argo expedition through newly formed wormholes.

They arrive on Janus, the two-faced planet, with scorching Helium-3 solar winds on one side, frozen seas of methane gas on the other. Mankind has no choice but to settle on the frozen frontier in search of vital resources.
"FROZEN FRONTIER" is a highly strategic Eurogame for experienced players about the cosmic future of humanity. Manage your space corporation, develop colonies, create industry, implement AI, extract resources, and conduct research.

A battle of wits, not a war for the stars. Collaborate to keep hope alive, play to win.
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